Our Approach

Blended Virtual Training

We believe that everything cannot be self learnt through videos. Which is why, most of our courses and Assessments include live classrooms or personal feedback from an Evaluator. This ensures active participation and right guidance to have the maximum learning.

Placement Assistance

Some of our upskilling programs include placement assistance for those who successfully complete the courses within a stipulated time. We work with many staffing partners to seek placement opportunities.


Partial cashback scheme for those who successfully avail our placement assistance.

Job oriented Internship programs

We also offer job oriented internship programs for some technical areas to help you get practically ready for the job world. Click here to know more....

Why Us?

Anytime Learn has been successful in shaping Employee training in many organizations. We bring this experience to you whether it is to decide your career or prepare for your dream job. The highlights of our training and Assessments are:
Blended Learning which offers a chance to get personalized intervention or Evaluation from our experts.
Make the right decisions through our Assessments.
Chance to get ready for a job through our Internship program.
Rewards successful participants in Upskilling Courses and Internship Programs, by partially repaying the course fee. (T&C apply)
Connect recruitment managers in corporate to trained and qualified students of Upskilling Courses and Internship programs.
All Online training components and Asessements delivered through AnyTime Learn - an easy to use Mobile Learning solution.